The Little Things I Like About You

I like that with you I can afford to be me
Without worrying about how weird it’ll be
I like that with you I can be happy or sad
Or kooky and looney and crazy and mad

I like that you’re different but exactly the same
I like how you smile when you’re calling my name
Or how you’d point out something so random or strange
And when I’d share the story you’d pretend I’m deranged

I like that our friends say we’re an old married couple
When we get into one of our odd little squabbles
About drawing a circle that’s exactly aligned
Or which actor said what from an old movie line

I like the way I feel when I’m in your arms
How excited I get; how far away from harm
I like the instant coffee you stir when we wake
And the half dozen showers you always must take

I like that I love all the things that I like
About you, about us, about our own little lives
But what I like most of all is that I’m in love with you
And for some farfatched reason you’re in love with me too.

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