Why You Should Leave

It is hard to love me

I know

I am a mixture of crazy and sad

And brilliant and mad


I seesaw from joy to dismay

I love you one day

And then push you away


It is hard to love me

My past is fucked up

My future’s unsure

I’m not girly

I can’t be demure


It is hard to love me

I struggle myself

And there are days

When my wrists

Stand proof, self-detest


It is hard to love me

I’m  a wreck

I’m a mess

I’m laughing one second

Breaking down in the next


You should go

You should leave

Run away while you can

I am not what you call

Easy to digest




If you tell me you’ll stay

You don’t care

It’s okay

I promise I’ll love you

Even if they cart me away

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