Convenient? Happy? Content?

I am falling out of love with you.
And I think that it’s your fault.
It’s a slow, scary thought to be
But in steadying assault

I am finding
That I smile much less
Whenever you’re around
Not because I don’t smile
Oh no, Oh no…
But that the extras can’t be found

You don’t hug me from behind
Or twine my hand with yours
Where’s the letter that you swore to send
You forgot?
Of course…
Of course…

All the questions about where I’ve been
Who I’m with and why
They’re all starting to come creeping in
And my dear,
It makes me cry.

I’m the toothbrush used to brush your teeth
The towel here to keep you dry
The nurse to make you take your pills
Would you care if I said goodbye?

And I wonder if you hear my thoughts
My melancholic plea
Show me that you love me true
Show me that we’re meant to be

Because this apathy is not the cure
We should not be
blindly ,
forging on.
If the love you have for me is real
Show me so before I’m gone.

Photo Courtesy of Halfway Between the Gutter

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