Photo Taken from We Heart It, Posted by Winter Memories

He puts his hand on my lips
And tells me to be still
It’s far too early in the morning
And too late in the night
To be awake

He moves his hand across my hair
And tells me to close my eyes
Its time to sleep
Its time to rest
Don’t mind me, I’m just passing by

He watches me from where I lie
And waits for me to fall asleep
And waits for me
To let my guard down

The touch is too soft
And too rough to be
Called parental
And I wince
I think I am too old for this

I will myself to sleep
But Morpheus does not come
The Fates have spun the thread
And I must wait

The morning sun streams
Across my window
And Father kisses me
Softly saying
“Tonight again my dear”

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