The Last Supper

Daily Prompt: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry…

…for tomorrow we die. The world is ending tomorrow! Tell us about your last dinner — the food, your dining companions, the setting, the conversation.


Balls of lightning strike the ground as the earth shakes and cracks open. People run screaming, looking for a shelter that’s never to be found. It’s D-Day and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. 

We sat across each other around the dining table, staring at a veritable feast in front of our eyes. Everyone’s favorite meal prepared just the way we wanted it to be prepared, by the people we wanted to prepare it for us. Mikah asked for wagyu steak, peppered with salt and a sprinkling of spices while a bowlful of mashed potatoes was set in front of him. A toy train carrying his gravy raced across the room. Jessica wanted an assortment of sushi and asked for fugu – the world’s most dangerous meal. David decided on a soup bowl filled with pate de foie gras and was slurping it down with a multi-colored bendy straw. I opted for lamb, grilled to perfection and drizzled with mint leaves. For our drinks, we all a bottle each of Chateau Margaux 2009 – the world’s most expensive wine.

The reports are all uniform worldwide. Famous landmarks have crumbled and major cities have all either been eaten up by the earth or destroyed by wave after wave of ocean rage. The Eiffel Tower is no better than scrap metal, the Statue of Liberty shattered into a billion tiny pieces , the Pyramids of Giza are now towering balls of flame. 

The conversation is lively as we discussed the merits of democracy, the pitfalls of organized religion, the lunacy behind television evangelists and the allure of the Amish lifestyle. We traded bawdy jokes over a bottle of pure Absinthe and played every board game we could think of naked. It was hilarious to perform Charades with all your business hanging and swinging about, while you tried to have your partner guess a song that was written in a language that no one understood.

Children are crying for their mothers. Adults are rushing to purported safe zones in the hopes that it will bring the salvation we all knew to be false. Countries are collapsing by the hour and governments have all been disbanded. Urban areas have fallen to disarray while people ran amok, touched by desperation they storm shops and destroy anything they can get their hands on as the earth moves beneath them, swallowing the buildings they choose to vandalize.

David decides to break out another bottle of champagne while we donned our best clothes and jump into the pool. We stayed afloat and watch the explosion of colors in the night sky. The aurora borealis, visible for the first time outside the North Pole tells the story of the migration of the stars, dying out before our very eyes. Then, clothes heavier by the water it’s taken in, we leave the pool and sat on the grass as the stereo plays all our favorite songs. The mood is more somber as the hour winds down and for some reason we all decided we just wanted to hold each other’s hands.

By now, Asia and North America are both gone , having both sunk beneath the ocean floor, its inhabitants and its structures sinking with them. Europe has began to turn ash gray as the volcanoes erupt in synchronous movement – like the trombone section during the climactic chase scene.The population of the world is now down to 43% and keeps going down as each second passes. 

Jessica has started to cry and I choose to look away. At that moment, my eyes lock with Mikah and we share a wan smile. Moments like these have no need for words. It is in that one instant when your lives flash before your eyes that you start to examine who you really are and if you’ve ever amounted to anything. Whether the hours spent overstaying at the office was worth the missed dinner, or the cancelled plans. A sharp popping sound breaks our connection and we see David, slumped across the chaise with his Father’s revolver clasped in his hand.

The house we are staying at has started to revert to the pile of stones it once used to be. The books inside the library have caught on fire and are spreading to the drapes and the curtains. The countryside starts to mirror the rest of the world.

We cry. It is impossible not to. No one wants their lives to end up like this. No one wants to know that this time, there would be no sun rising in the morning. For once, no one was happy that they didn’t have to report to work the next day. We all badly wished for the tomorrow that would never come. Jessica decides to run off and we let her. Far be it for any one person to deny another human being her wish to do what she wanted to do as their lives start to count down. I held Mikah’s hand for the first time in years and we both agreed that it was stupid to come to realize how much we meant to each other when all we had left was a few more hours.

We stayed down, his arms wrapped around me as we both gave in to our tears. I could hear the crack of thunder and the lightning bolts raining down from the sky. We kiss. And as our lips tasted the saline from our eyes the ground starts to shake. I wrap my arms around him and quiver. This is it. And it is..

The End.

Photo Courtesy of: The Archaeology News Network

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