Of Princesses and Towers

Photo Courtesy of: Imgfave

Each day she stares outside the only window she has ever known, mindful of the limited view of the sun, the trees and the birds in her path.

She sits there, book in hand – eyes gazing over the distant horizon.
Ahh – to be free! What wondrous joy that feeling could be.

No one sees her in her tower, no one seems to care. She would see them though, passing her by everyday and she’d wave her hands and scream “I’m here, look up! Look up!” to no avail.

People seemed to not hear, sometimes she thinks bitterly, maybe they don’t give a damn.

But why would they give a damn? Princesses are outdated anyway. No one expects to see one locked up in a tower, no one believes they exist. But they do.

She does.

And everyday, she dreams of freedom. Curse these wicked chains that bound her! Curse Rapunzel for getting away (now every month she gets her hair cut). But the witch couldn’t have made the people not see her. All the witch did was install her high enough away, and put her in the busiest district in the world – where anyone could have come and saved her. But no one ever did.

“Hey.” She heard him one day. looking up at her waving his hand. She looked down and saw him. He was grinning at her. Then, without warning she saw a flash of light. One click of a shutter, a small wave and there he went, off on his way.

She didn’t know whether to be pissed or amused.

The following day, a paper airplane flew inside her window. It was a photo, her photo. And written were three words. “I See You.”

This went on and everyday she looked forward to his photos and his notes.

“You look beautiful when you smile”

“What are you reading? Share it with me.”

“I wish I could fly up to you and say hello.”

Each photo brought a smile to her face, and a skip in her heart. She found herself looking forward to his presence. In this crazy, broken world where she seemed to be invisible. Someone noticed she exists. Someone cared.

Months later she realized that her tower seemed closer to the ground. Was the curse being lifted? Maybe the witch was growing weaker? More weeks past and she notices that even her chains seemed to be getting lighter. They were almost non-existent now.

On the day her chains dissolved in the sunlight, she climbs out of her window and the first thing she did was look for him. The modern prince who stood by her every day.

There he was, camera in hand, posed for the moment she stepped onto the concrete.

She had thousands of questions that she’d been dying to ask him. But at the moment, all she could say was… “How?”

He took her hand and had her read a plaque where her tower used to be.

“There is a princess locked in this tower, and hers is a curse that she has to lift on her own. Help her break her own chains, tear her walls down stone by stone. Do it with patience. Do it with love.”


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